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This linen and wool tapestry is expertly executed. Weibel give a wonderful description of how the woman's head is depicted in this tapestry. The subject is a woman with her head turned slightly to the right shoulder. It is woven in very fine wool, which allowed the weaver to provide excellent detail in the tapestry.

This tapestry has an all over pattern of quatrefoil roses. The roses are on a green background and are staggered. The petals are shaded from wite and pink to dark red from the center out.

This samitum measure 37.25" by 16". It is a large iece of samitum depicting a gladiator in action. The design used red, white, yellow, blue and green silks. The design is well detailed of a Roman gladiator, which has been stated to be Samson, David and/or Hercules. The design also includeed a lion and a landscape. The design is repeated 4 times across the cloth, the figures alternate direction across the cloth.

This is similar to the Senmurv silk in the Victoria and Albert collections. This piece contains two senmurves stacked on each other, both encircled by roundels with a floral motif and circles where the roundels touch. I would like to see this silk in person as well to be able to compare this piece with the V&A piece.

This silk samitum shows a series of 3 fantasy beasts, a begasus, a senmurv and and elephant/lion? Each beast is encircled in a roundel with circles within the rounel. The areal between the roundels contains a beautiful floral and heart design, which is difficult to accurately describe.

This samitum is done in blue-purple, green, orange and white silk. This is a very Persian design with roundels encircling a cronwed person who is holding ithe trunks of two elephants, There is a plamette scroll between the roundels.

"On a rose-tan ground horizontal rows of roundels with confronted peacocks in green, rose-tan, and brown" inbetween these roundels are smaller roundels encasulating eight-pointed stars.

pale green ground with a yellow design.Lions with backs to each other, but faces towards each other in a overall roundel design.

Ground: golden-yellowRoundels in brick red framed by guilloches with "beaded" bands and connected disks.

This design is that of the heraldry of Castile and Leon in satin and brocade. The design is brocade using gold thread.


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