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Mistress Margaret's Aumiere

Taquete Pillow

Tapestry Roundel

Samitum Silk Sleeve Cuffs Set 1

Warp with tablet woven header

The following project was embarked upon at the request of my laurel, Mistress Rogned. Rogned has organized the Raltheheimr Althing the past 2 years. The event was inspired by the site, which has both a long house and a round house built out on the water! The site begs for a warp weighted loom and the large variety of viking activities that take place at the event each year! This year, Mistress Rogned, asked if I would wind the warp for th warp weighted loom. As a 7th C Persian persona, this was my first time winding a traditional warp weighted loom warp.

Persian Spinning

This blog post is mostly intended for my own memory, having a Persian persona, I would like to spin my yarn on drop spindles the way that my persona would have done. However when I spin my "Persian" yarn I'm out at events and away from my resources. So I'm posting this here to pull together a few different bits of information that I can easily look back at before going to events.

New Fibre Addiction: Naalbinding

http://www.en.neulakintaat.fi/I love weaving and weaving will always be my first passion. I have gotten to the point where most of my weaving is not portable, it takes a day to break down the drawloom. :) We, as a family, travel a lot and I need to be creating regularly. I do love drop spinning, but it is not good to be doing the same movements over and over all weekend long. So I've been looking for other portable fibre arts, enter naalbinding. I have know of naalbinding for a decade. I have tried to learn naalbinding several times.

Houndstooth bag


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