AS 50 Challenge

Although I don't post about it often, I am working on the AS 50 Challenge. If you are not in the SCA, next year marks the 50th anniversary/birthday of the Society. A challenge was issue many years ago for artisans to complete 50 projects, parameters of their choosing, by the 50th anniversary event. I challenged myself to weave 50 things. Today, I am taking stock of my progress.
Here is a list of what I have woven since taking up the challenge.
1.Belt for Magdalaina

Weave Structures

I am working on a research paper which discusses Medieval Textiles. I have a 13 page outline of notes prepared and am beginning to draft the paper. I believe I will be taking a post out of Tien Chu's blog and am considering blogging this paper. The intent of this method is to write longer items, papers/books, by working in chunks, or one blog post at a time. Assuming I continue in this manner, here is my first chunk, which is not at all the introduction to the paper. Please feel free to give me feedback by commenting on this post.

Fibre Interest Group Banner Project

For those who don't know HL Isabella Maria came to me a few years ago with a wonderful idea for the Insulae Draconis fibre artists! Her idea was for us to design a banner which would commemorate Fayre Raglan, one of the Principality's most loved events and sites, and would also allow a variety of people to participate in the project and show a variety of fibre arts.
I agreed to organize the project and was lucky enough to find Lady Agatha and Lord Kit, who agreed to work together on a design.

The Importance of Sampling.

As I am enjoying a wonderful holiday break from work. I have more time to spend in my studio, aka afternoon nap time. I am working on my son's cloth, but I am also working on the sample for my next mundane project. This project is inspired by Van Gogh's Wheatfields. I have chosen many possible warp colours, but obviously must also decide on the weft colour(s) and finalize other design elements. Enter sampling!

Ohh Ebay!!!

Ebay is a harsh mistress, a blessing and a curse. I should say I rarely visit Ebay or buy things there anymore.
At a recent Cambridge Guild Meeting, a few members were discussing buying looms. One member pointed out that, in the UK, floor looms often go unsold and folks can make offers for them after the auction ends and thus get great deals! I think this is good advice for weavers loking for a floor loom.

Taquete Todo!

Ok I admit, sometimes I blog to keep myself organized. Hopefully you have seen my damask samples and 13th C Alms Purse. Damask is woven in a drawloom, but is quite a bit later in period. So now my next adventure in drawloom weaving is taquete then samitum.
So here's where I'm at and where I'm going.
I've wound my warp and beamed it. I have added 4 drawcords to my drawbridge, yes that really is what it's called! I now have 14 pattern shafts.
Here's what I still need to do:


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