The Importance of Sampling.

As I am enjoying a wonderful holiday break from work. I have more time to spend in my studio, aka afternoon nap time. I am working on my son's cloth, but I am also working on the sample for my next mundane project. This project is inspired by Van Gogh's Wheatfields. I have chosen many possible warp colours, but obviously must also decide on the weft colour(s) and finalize other design elements. Enter sampling!
I admit about 10 years ago, I was one of those weavers who would make disparaging remarks about sampling. However many years ago, I was shown the value of sampling. Sampling is not a wast of yarn, in fact it is quite the opposite. The sample I am now weaving will provide more information that one might imagine. It will show me exactly how every colour will interact with one another. It will show me how my intended sett will drape. It will tell me how much shrinkage to expect, and let's face it who can afford to be wrong about shrinkage?! We've all done it, refused to sample to save yarn, only to end up not warping enough width or length and having to change plans on the use of our handwoven cloth! So if you have not yet seen the value of sampling, I urge you to make your 2015 resolution to sample, sample, sample! Keep good notes, keep your samples for reference and you will build a library of inestimable value!