Part of a buskin

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Time Period
13th C AD

Catalog # 1380- 1901, which is part of a buskin. This buskin was found and attributed to England and it’s textile artists. The buskin, a knee- or calf-length boot, is a richly embroidered piece. The author would note the beauty of the embroidery, but would also bring the reader back to the primary concern on this paper, cloth. The cloth was woven as a straight twill and used as a Z twill.  The cloth which remained measured 12 inches high by 9 inches wide. Not much of this cloth remained, which would not be surprising from a cloth boot.


Catalog # 1380- 1901 Part of a buskin

Region England

Time period 1220-1250

Structure straight twill (right hand twill)  with design embroidered all over. The design is reminiscant of early roman extiles swirling cirlces surrounding figures of teh head of state with added floral motifs in between

Measurements 12 inches high by 9 inches wide remain

Warp (fibre and twist direction)

Weft (fibre and twist direction)




General notes Not much of this tetile remains. What is a buskin? Is the wear perhaps consisten with use. I ta pears to be somewhat damaged by wax.

an extant clioth with an emvroidred figure in a circle
The entire textile fragment showing the entire motif, which is a repeat of the original motif.