Diamond Twill Fabric

Submitted by Jahanara on Sat, 07/31/2021 - 07:45

This diamond twill fabric will be made into garb for our family. I started by warping the loom with a solid blue warp, threaded as a broken point twill. I then wove a sample using every colour wool I own in the same size, so everyone in the family could choose their preferred weft. The loom was warped with just over 9 meters, 22" wide at 20 ends per inch. The sample wove up at just about a meter. I will weave up the cloth for our son, TAJ, who chose a very dark purple for his weft. Yes he's only 2, but he really likes making choices. :) Then I will add 2" to each side of the warp and weave off the rest in a light green weft for my husband's tunic. I will be rewarping the loom, probably tying onto the end of this warp to weave fabric for myself. I have not quite decided if I will make a an apron to match, a robe, or a dress. No matter what I choose, I will likely need to warp 9 meters just for my own cloth. As I am weaving this on the Glimakra Ideal and not my Glimakra standard and I wasn't sure if I would use the same warp or a coordinating warp, I chose not to warp 18 meters at one time.

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a sample of weaving with a variety of wefts from light blue to green, purple, and yellow.