Child's Tunic

Submitted by Jahanara on Sun, 08/01/2021 - 13:32
Time Period
6th C AD
7th C AD
8th C AD
Weave Structure

1522-1899 tunic Egyptian
Museum: Clothworkers
Reference Number
Date 500-700
Culture Egyptian
Technique plain weave resist-dyed cotton
Notes sleeves 10 at shoulder/arm pit 5" long wrist 3" neck 3" wide .5 deep in the back 1.5 deep front slit 3.5" nearly to sleeve
Gore 1.5 by 1"? Body 10" side gores 3.5" × 8"  overall length 15" front 16 3/4" back circle in photo 132 is .5"
Photo reference numbers 111+

A child's tunit resists dyed in a diamond pattern the pattern is the natural color fabric and the background is a green/blue dye.
Close up of the neck line which is round with a slit cut down the arm, the hem is finished with similar cloth sewn down as tape over the cut hem.
Close up of the arm pit showing the use of a guesset.