This blog entry is by no means a comprehensive research paper on the use of cotton in any time period. It is a compilation of my recent thoughts on the use of cotton in period and a possible explanation for the common misconception that cotton fabric was not in use in the Middle Ages. I was also recently met with surpise when I discussed cotton as a yarn which was available to some weavers in the Middle Ages.

The Perfect Shed

Weaving has a lot of jargon, so for readers who are unfamiliar with these terms I'll define shed, so you don't think I'm talking about a building to store things in. :) The Shed is created by raising some shafts/threads and not raising (or in some cases lowering) others. I weave primarily on countermarche looms, so for the rest of this entry I will refer to raising and lowering shafts.

Sampling Procedures

  1. Fill out Record Sheet from the start! Record:
    1. Warp Yarn size, brand, and color.
    2. Sett
    3. Length Warped
    4. Width Warped
    5. Width in Reed
    6. Draft
  2. Sample 2" each of each possible weft colour, weave at least 2 samples, or plan to cut the sample into 3-4 pieces. This will allow you to also sample finishing techniques.
  3. Sample at a finer sett, just to see if the drape is better for the end product.
  4. Sample at a looser sett, again to see how this effects the drape of the final cloth.

The Importance of Sampling.

As I am enjoying a wonderful holiday break from work. I have more time to spend in my studio, aka afternoon nap time. I am working on my son's cloth, but I am also working on the sample for my next mundane project. This project is inspired by Van Gogh's Wheatfields. I have chosen many possible warp colours, but obviously must also decide on the weft colour(s) and finalize other design elements. Enter sampling!I admit about 10 years ago, I was one of those weavers who would make disparaging remarks about sampling. However many years ago, I was shown the value of sampling.

Fibre Interest Group Banner Project

For those who don't know HL Isabella Maria came to me a few years ago with a wonderful idea for the Insulae Draconis fibre artists! Her idea was for us to design a banner which would commemorate Fayre Raglan, one of the Principality's most loved events and sites, and would also allow a variety of people to participate in the project and show a variety of fibre arts.I agreed to organize the project and was lucky enough to find Lady Agatha and Lord Kit, who agreed to work together on a design.Agatha and Kit came up with a wonderful design.

Royal Artisan

I am pleased to announce that at Drachenwald's Kingdom University, I was invested as Drachenwald's Royal Artisan. I obtained this new position by completing the yearlong Royal Artisan Competition. I would like to share my experience entering the competition with you.The Royal Artisan Competition is a rigorous competition. I had to enter items in at least 3 broad categories over at least 2 events.

AS 50 Challenge

Although I don't post about it often, I am working on the AS 50 Challenge. If you are not in the SCA, next year marks the 50th anniversary/birthday of the Society. A challenge was issue many years ago for artisans to complete 50 projects, parameters of their choosing, by the 50th anniversary event. I challenged myself to weave 50 things. Today, I am taking stock of my progress.Here is a list of what I have woven since taking up the challenge.1.Belt for Magdalaina2- 3. Lattice work garters for Comtesse Margarette de St. Martin-sur-le-Mer (2)4. -11.


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