Peacocks and sphinxes taquete

This piece shows a new variation on the typical roundel style samitums of the earlier periods. Two peacocks face each other with tails raised. The shape of the peacock raised tails is followed by a curved line followed by two bands of script and another outline. between tehse designs are paris fo sphinxes.The piece measures 9" square and shows two full across repeats, two repeats vertically and one nearly complete repeat of the design.

William Jefferies Tapestry Workshop!

Well it's been a while since I've posted anything here. I've been busy with many other things. I did finally take some time out for weaving related things!
I traveled to London to participate in a William Jefferies Tapestry Workshop hosted by the Handweavers Studio!
This was a very exciting trip, because this was my first time taking a Jefferies workshop and my first visit to the new HWS locale!. The new shop space is fantastic. It's got most of the same great products we've come to expect from HWS, but in a more spacious and well lit environment.

6 months of Projects

OK I'm going to attempt to remember all the projects I've completed/started in the last six months!



Purple Linen Dress
Purple Linen Shawl
Matching Blue Wool Silk Lined Robes

Vicountess  Aerigunner's Neckline (right)
Cuff's for Eldgrimr's Viking Tunic

2/1 Lozenge Twill wool for Viking Hood, 1 section

In Progress

Commitment to Certificate of Achievement

Many of you will know that I took some weaving tuition with Melanie Venes a few months back. You probably also know that I was working on my PhD in Education. Well as happens with many candidates, I've lost my passion for pursuing my PhD! I'm actually not that sad about it, my goal used to be to eventually teach others how to teach. Since then I've had several experiences with student teachers and mentoring younger teachers, the truth of the matter is teaching is not something you can really teach!

Certificate of Achievement Update

I am still diligently pursuing my UKWSD Certificate of Achievement. I as of yet have not completed any samples. However, I have learned how to do all facets of Double Weave with Melanie, my tutor! When working with Melanie on double weave she pointed out that I can maximize my warps by weaving several structures on one warp! This should really help me complete the CoA on time. I'm still shooting for 5 years, but would be pleased if I could do it in less!

Weaving Update

Wow! It has obviously been a long time since I blogged! That’s partially been because I’ve been so busy weaving! I have finished two samples for my Certificate of Achievement (photos to follow once they are wet finished). I’ve completed a plain weave sample and a colour and weave sample.

I also finished the plain weave, random stripes baby blanket for a friend.

Teaching on Weavolution!

I’ve started teaching classes on Weavolution! This is a great venue for teachers and students. Weavolution uses WebEx to allow teachers and students around the world, literally, to come together for weaving classes! I’ve joined a few classes and they have worked quit well! Anyone with an internet connection now has access to a myriad of classes via Weavolution. Weavolution costs nothing to join. The classes are on a fee basis, but are very reasonably priced, usually about $30/hour. My next class is Color and Weave.

Fibre East

I attended Fibre East yesterday! This was the first year for Fibre East, so it was still small. Despite it's modest beginnings, the event proved go have many great vendors. I dis not significantly increase my stash, but did make some nice purchases. I bought a few gorgeous yarns from I also picked up brochures from many other venders to keep for reference. This is very important for me as I work through my UK WSD Certificate of Achievement.


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