"St. Knut's Cover"

Pattern Unit: 65 cm wide by 82 cm high

Textile fragment: 133 cm wide x 110 cm high

Twill direction: S

This textile is elieve to be present by Knut's wido, Queen Ethele to cover his shrine. The cover is still in Knut's shrine in Odense Cathedral, Denmark. The cloth has an Eagle, head facing right in a desries of roundel with touch each other. There is another patterned roundel at each point where 2 roundels meet. In the space between roundels is another round patterned figure.

Lions and harpies

This brocade was listed as mesopotamia/Baghdad, late 11th-early 12th C. The brocade is a simlar overall design to earlier simittum cloths. Though the overall design is much more elaborate, it consists of roundels with beads, encirclion lines around another roundel wtih beads, which goes around two harpies. Where each rounel meets there is another roundel within a roundel design with Arabic script and a lotus blossom in the center. in the areas between rounels is another stunning design. This is a must see piece.

Lions compound satin

The groud is a red satin with a pttern executing is twill in yellow, white and green silks. The overall design of palmette motifs and pairs of crowned lions acing one another on either side of a tree motif.

Hares in Samitum

The design is described as a white background with the trees woven in red wool. Weible specified the design was woven sideways, a technique common in tapestry weaving. Weft faced designs are usually woven on the warp in the manner that allows for the best curves. Curves need the be built up gradually therefore the weaver normally weaves the design on the warp in the way that the most amount of curves are woven vertically on the loom, even if they will appear horizontally on the finished piece.

Gladiator samitum

This samitum measure 37.25" by 16". It is a large iece of samitum depicting a gladiator in action. The design used red, white, yellow, blue and green silks. The design is well detailed of a Roman gladiator, which has been stated to be Samson, David and/or Hercules. The design also includeed a lion and a landscape. The design is repeated 4 times across the cloth, the figures alternate direction across the cloth.

Birds Samitum 2

This is a reversible samitum aldo depciting birds. This design shows a procession of a pigeon, druch, peacock and good in brown and white silks. There is also a landscape in this finely woven samitum.

Lion Hunter samitum

Weibel described this piece as plain compound twill, which means my attribution as samitum may be incorrect. Weibel did not clearly define the terms used in this book. he stated the warp was rose-red and wefts were cream, dark green, oliver green, organe and dark red silks. For exact description of this textile see Weibel, or contact me.The piece measured 10 3/8" square.

Plants in samitum

Tjhe piece uses roudels which do ot touch and contain a lotus tree within a palmette frame. The design was done in rose and light yellowish tan. The remainin piece consisted of six nearly complete roundels and measure 13" x 23.75"


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