Roman Burial Pillow 3

This pillow was woven in three color taquete. There were “three dark brown bands with small white motifs, two red bands with rectangles and tree motifs, a green band with a diamond motif, and below these registers a blue field with a beige diamond pattern filled with red and yellow trees” (Hoskins, 2003). This pillow measured 34 cm by 29 cm (15.5” x 13”) (Hoskins, 2003). The final pillow was woven “ on a beige field at the bottom edge and then a large green field with white palmettes design interspersed with red and yellow circles” (Hoskins, 2003). This pillow measure 32 cm by 29 cm (14.5” by 13”) (Hoskins, 2003). 

Weave Structure: 

Time Period: 

3rd C AD



Weft-Faced Pattern Weaves: Tabby to Taquete