Hunting Scene Taquete

Taquete hunting scene now in the Museum of Decortive Art, CopenhagenBecker notes that these taquete hunting scenes were popular from the 4th-6th Centuries AD. A simlar hunting scene is described in Weibel, Two Thounsand Years of Textiles, which is not included here, because Weibel does not specifiy the technique used.Figures of this taquete are done in undyed wool with a buff coloured background. The border of this textiles has a white pattern on purple background.  This piece measure 26 cm x 48 cm. This taquete is attribute to Egyptian weavers, who are known during this time for using S spun warps. Becker believed this piece was woven with 78 pattern shafts.

Weave Structure: 

Time Period: 

4th C AD



Patttern and Loom


20 epcm


singles hard spun S twist an wool and wool "main warp ends"


loosley spn S twist wool


72 epcm

Museum Number: 

A 40/1929