Birds Samitum

Number 36 is also woven on cotton ground with wool wefts. Number 36 is not one continuous cloth, but both fragments depicts birds with curved necks. This samitum is reversible. The birds are not exact replicas, which suggests that they are either actually separate textiles, or the motifs were woven in separate parts of the fabric. The birds may be herson and are standing on curled twigs holding palmette branches in theri beaks.The herons are in a large "beaded" roundel. This does not mean there are beads on the piece, rather the roundel is woven with circles within it to give it a beaded appearance.

Weave Structure: 

Time Period: 

6th C AD
7th C AD



Two Thousand Years of Textiles; The Figured Textiles of Europe and the Near East


unbleached cotton


The Cleveland Museum of Art