I am honestly not sure why I did not realize this earlier, but recently, I was treadling away on an easy straight draw treadling (1,2,3,4) and made a life-changing realization! Usually, when I think I might have pressed the wrong treadle, I look down at my feet. This time I was gazing out the window at my son playing in the garden (my favourite part of where my Glimakra Ideal is set up) and realized the wrong set of shafts was raised. That is when it hit me, all I have to do to check myself is look at the shafts! Where had this information been all my life (well all my weaving life)?! It seems so obvious now, but it wasn't before. I am sure a lot of weavers intuitively realize this, but I had not. I figure if I did not realize this for many years, perhaps other weavers might not realize right away. So I'm sharing this realization here in the hopes that at least one other weaver will go Eureka! and free themselves from looking at their feet. :)