Drawloom Set Up Notes

These notes are mostly for my reference. These will remain notes, as they are my notes from Becky Ashden's video. So they are not intended to make sense to anyone who has not watched her video.Back Beam Height+3" front beamPattern Shaftholder +7" adjust back beam height or weight heddles more.Ground Shaft height +5.5" Pattern threads slightly pulled down by pattern shafts at restGround shafts should allow threads to travel straight and even to front beam and lie at bottom of ground heddles  Tie upRais 3 lower 2Raise 1 Lower 4Raise 4 Lower 1Raise 2 Lower 3with Damask pulley One set of lamms tie up cord for sinking shed only pulleyMost period groupnd shaft control method damask pulley or vertical countermarche?http://www.tcsme.org/Papers/Vol35/Vol35No2Paper9.pdf page 307