Tapestry Roundel

Warp Yarn: 
Organic Cotton
Weft yarn: 
2/11 wool
Width on Loom: 
6 inches

I have been wanting to tapestry weave a roundel for years. Weaving a circle is one of the most difficult tapestry weaving techniques and it has taken me a while to build up to attempting a roundel. I have woven this roundel using my SCA heraldry. The main concept of the roundel is based on those Sasanid roundels I have studied at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Of which the following are some of my favorites3rd/4th C Roundel Blue and White3rd/4th C collection of RoundelsCoptic roundels are more well known, with protraits woven within the roundel. However, the Persian motifs have geometric motifs at the center of the roundel design, which make them well suited for heraldic display.This roundel was very fun to weave. I will post blog posts about the process in the coming weeks.