New Fibre Addiction: Naalbinding love weaving and weaving will always be my first passion. I have gotten to the point where most of my weaving is not portable, it takes a day to break down the drawloom. :) We, as a family, travel a lot and I need to be creating regularly. I do love drop spinning, but it is not good to be doing the same movements over and over all weekend long. So I've been looking for other portable fibre arts, enter naalbinding. I have know of naalbinding for a decade. I have tried to learn naalbinding several times. Finally, last spring I tried again and the part of my brain needed to understand this art was ready!Yesterday, I went down the research rabbit hole. This time researching coupled with a conversation with my Laurel has spawned a plan. I decided to naalbind 3 sets of mittens, one for each emember of the family. My original plan was to pick on stitch and do all the mittens in the same stitch. I had narrowed my choices down to 3 possibly stitches; Oslo, Mammen, and Coptic stitches. As these are readily documentable for the periods we re-enact. My Laurel, wise woman that she is, suggested that I not pick and instead do each person's mittens in a different stitch! She truly is a genous! I will use the Scandinavian stitches for Eldgrimr and Thor's mittens and Coptic stitch for my own!In my research I found 3 great resources:1. a friend who is fantastically talented and has been naalbinding for years.2. This extensive website on naalbinding by a Finnish fibre artist.3. This blog post that fills in a few answers that I had before even beginning. I'll be starting with the tutorial on the Oslo stitch.  Then the website has a tutorial on how to make the thumb and finally finishing the cuff.I have some grey shetland wool, which I spun thick and tight, as is suggested, so I will start with that wool. Eldgrimr graciously made me a wood naalbinding needle, after I was practicing in the spring with a tapestry needle and ask him for a wood needle. His first needle will be great for bulkier projects, but is a bit wide at the end for mittens, so after looking at this page on the Finnish site, he is making me another needle.I hope to have time to keep you all up to date on my progress, but as much of this will occur while traveling, I won't make any promises. :) I started with 15 stitches in the round. The video says to increase as follows:2nd row increase every stitch3rd row increase every other stitch4th row increase every 3rd stitch