Marcus at MidSummer Coronation 2009

Marcus at MidSummer Coronation 2009

I've done a lot of costuming and costuming via proxy lately. I made Coronation garb for Marcus's MidSummer Coronation.



I've also made two new robes, one purple and one gold, and put the finishing touches on the hood pictured right. IMG_4062

I've helped Eldgrimr(below) make a rectangular cloak, leg wraps, a hood, 2 over tunics, 3 or 4 undertunics and 3 or 4 pairs of pants! Eldgrimr at MidSummer Coronation 2009

Research Pages Sassanian Women's Dress Styles (In Progress)

Research Database- this database contains several spreadsheets that I've put together, please do browse them.

Sassanian Costume Charts and Graphs- detailing the number of garments found/shown in Sassanian Art.

Sassanian Silverworks- pictures I've taken of various Sassanian silverworks.