• colour gamp yarns arrived!

    I now have a variety of Harrisville Shetland wools to choose from to start my colour gamp project! I've been wanting to do a colour gamp since handwoven magazine did their gamp issue! now I'm finally tucking into it! I will post pics of my "raw warp" soon!

  • blogging on the go!

    Well I got an app that should allow me to blog anywhere, anytime! I've been working on warping V's blanket, still! I've also done a bit mire on my tapestry sampler, which I hope to finish this month! Finally I ordered the thread to do a color gamp shawl! Hopefully this will be the first of many updates to come!

  • New Studio Space

    I have moved home and thus have a new, and slightly larger studio space! As with any move it's a bit of a mess and not everything is put up yet, but when it is it should be much more effective than the last one. Although I did love my old studio, the new studio has many of the features the dungeon was lacking, such as natural light! The new studio is on the ground floor and is furnished with windows and glass doors that let in the natural light that textiles arts crave! It's also more open, still two rooms, but with a nice archway inbetween instead of a tiny rectangle cut in the wall!

  • Roundel 2 partially complete!

    Well I've got the axe and pile complete, now I just have to go round and round and round! I'm really pleased with how this one is turning out so far! The stitches are pretty even. I just hope I can keep my patience and keep them as even and small throughout the rest. I've decided to embroider the roundels on smaller bits and then sew them on seperately. This means that I can go ahead and put tthe hood together. This was the main impetus for this decision.

  • Magic Weaving!

    I really feel like I was weaving magic this weekend. I made time to do 4 hours of weaving and every moment was magic. Saturday I put on some Jack Johnson, made a cup of tea and went downstairs to get back to this long-term weaving project. I wove for about an hour before Rugy started! I sat at my new bench sang along to the tunes and mindlessly wove along, well partially there was a threading fix, but I hardly even remember that now!

  • Kumihimo cords

    I've been making some kumihimo cords to go on a pair of cloaks. I'm really pleased with these cords. This is my third kumihimo project. I've picked it up fairly readily.

  • Tapestry Weaving Doc

    I've just published very basic instructions on tapestry weaving. It's still pretty rough and probably won't teach you to tapestry weave on it's own. I will continue to work on this throughout the next month in the hopes that I can produce a webpage that will allow folks to learn how to tapestry weave online, though some amount of weaving knowledge will be required, as I can't explain how to warp every loom! Please take a look and tell me what still needs work!


  • Craft Resolutions

    The last few years my resolutions have been to lose weight, which goes well in the beginning, but those late year holidays are always a killer. I am also hoping to lose and keep off at least 10 pounds this year. However, I've decided not to make this my new year's resolution. I'm making a resolution that is craft related this year.

  • rigid heddle

    Just wanted to quickly post that in the last few weeks I've finished the following weaving projects:
    1) rigid heddle band to be cut up and used for populace tokens for Viceroy A&S Competition
    2) rigid heddle band to be given to the overall A&S Competition winner
    3) rigid heddle band to be given to Ursula's choice of A&S entries

  • Hello world!

    Well I'm starting this my second blog. I've been using LJ for quite sometime, but decided to try out Wordpress for something new. We'll see how this goes and see if I like it as much as LJ. Wish me luck,