• V's blanket is sleighed!

  • Woo Hoo!!!!

    V’s blanket finally has all the threads through the heddles! Now I just have to sleigh the reed and we’re cooking with gas! :)
    The front view:

    And of course the ever popular back view. :)

  • The dreaded questions seem to be the most common questions!

    How long did that take you to make? How much would it cost to have you make me one of those, or item x?

    I always give honest answers to both, thought the questioner rarely likes this honest answer!

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 Ah, ah, ah!

    Yes that’s right I’ve finished warping the 4th stripe of V’s blanket! That means I only have 3 stripes left and each of those decreasing in the number of threads contained! I think having this warped by the end of the month is a reasonable goal! Now I just have to keep myself motivated and not let this new sense of accomplishment become a de-motivator!

    I’ve always found that keeping motivated while warping is key. It also helps if you don’t move during the process it helps as well! :)

  • I am warped!

    Well if you weave this blog you likely know this is true, but more accurately I’ve been warping! I've gotten several more repeats through the heddles on the V’s blanket. I've got three colours of the colour gamp measured out and ready to go on the loom! 9 more to go and the loom isn't even here yet, so no rush on that one! I'm just happy to be spending time in my studio regularly! y new studio space is much more conducive to regular work than my last space!

  • I am warped


  • Today's Progress

    Well I’m almost down to the last three strips on V’s Blanket! I used the fibonacci sequence to determine stripe widths, now that I’m passed the middle the stripes are getting smaller! Fingers crossed that I’ll get this warped by the end of the month or Thanksgiving at the latest and that she’ll still be small by the time I’m done weaving! She’s fairly petite, so I think there’s a good chance this might happen.

    I’ve also gotten all three purple warps counted out and stored on warp sticks! 3 down 9 to go!

    No tapestry progress today, but maybe will get to that soon!

  • progress abounds!

    there is nothing like the onset off fall to get me back at my looms! I got 2 more repeats threaded fir V's blanket, plus one colour of warp measured out and stored for warping later on! since I'm getting a great deal on a used 32" Kronski Harp, I've got tine to prepare that warp! plus I really should finish either the cloak material or the tapestry sampler before putting the colour gamp in the loom!this is the problem with fall I am so inspired by fall colours that I start mire projects! so on top of the 3 projects that are already on looms, and one on the way so to speak!

  • to do!

    current weaving to do:on the loomtapestry samplercloakwarpingV's blanketbegin warprigid heddle WALSigmundr's gartersSigmundr's heraldic tapestryotherembroidered hoods-3

  • Colour Gamp Wools!

    Need I say more?!