• Back in a groove!

    Well as is usual, I get out of the habit of things. I took some time tonight to get back to moving pages over to this new site! I copied and pasted my Sasanian Clothing Class handout into it's own page here. Then I had to insert the images into the appropriate locations. I took the opportunity to revise some sections and added some museum pictures that I did not have previously.

  • Branching out!

    I enjoyed my 5th or 6th trip to The Original Re-enactors Market (TORM) in Coventry today! There are other markets that I prefer for fabric, but TORM does provide an opportunity to shop for a variety of kit. We only got a bit of fabric there (9.5 mtrs of a fabulous blue twill). Eldgrimr also bought a drinking horn, he finally found one he really liked. He also commissioned a wicker back pack that will be awesome for packing things around at events and will really round out his Viking look. Three bottles of Mead were also purchased, always a must have!

  • Blankets Abound!

    For those who follow my blog

  • Quantifying my Art

    I've written several times before about how long weaving takes me. I don't write about this because I dislike weaving or the amount of time it takes. I write about this to help myself better understand my weaving and to help others understand the amount of time that goes into these art works! This evening, I timed how long it took to weave 2" of V's blanket, it was just under 15 mins. This means tha I can weave one inch in approximately 7.5 minutes. So if I end up making V's blanket as a square 32" x 32" then it will take approximately 4 hours weaving time!

  • Company makes for progress

    Some friends came over to work in the wood workshop and in the studio today. I kept her company while she cut out a dress and I got some more weaving done. As I said earlier, I'll be using the same repeat as is in the warp. Today I finished the first purple weft stripe. I was pretty pleased with it under tension, but when I released the tension I noticed I've got some weft loops that appeared. I'm guessing this is a function of not having a straight fell line. Anyone who has experience weaving linen, is welcome to give me advice on this matter!

  • Every Little Bit Helps!

    How true that is! I warped up V’s baby blanket before she was born. I got it all wound onto the back beam and then the dreaded lack of motivation set in! Now that I’ve moved home, which means that I don’t have to go down into the basement to my studio, I’ve found some new motivation. Since September, I have threaded the heddles, sleighed the reed, tied on and finally begun weaving! In the last 2 day’s I’ve woven 6 inches. Everything is going very smoothly now. I’m enjoying the loom this blanket is on, a venerable Lansinger I inherited from the high school’s art teacher.

  • Blankets Abound

    With all my friends and relatives reproducing like made the last few years. I find myself with looms full of baby blankets! Not only do I have Miss V’s blanket tied on and the header woven, yesterday I sat down and warped up a blanket for my niece. As often happens with these things now I feel it’s only fair to weave a blanket for each baby in my “family”. This would mean that I would have at least 3 more to go, one for the Shuss-Taylor Clan and now 2 for the Jones family.
    Here are photos of Miss Arianna’s blanket:

  • Testing

    So I've been playing around with my new site quite a bit. I've added a home page and changed the blog to a non-root directory. This post is to test to make sure when I go to add new posts that they actually show up! If this works then i can focus on making sure my 3rd party posting apps work with the new structure, change my raverly and wevolution feeds to the new blog structure and finally migrate all my pages onto the new structure! Fingers crossed!

  • Blanket Update

    • 2 actual threading errors corrected
    • 2 errors in tying on corrected
    • 2 warp threads that broke due to threading error #2 mostly fixed

    Weaving should begin in earnest tomorrow.

  • V's blanket

    All is well from the front however the back is a different story.
    I'm in the process of getting advice on how best to fix the problem that developed in the back.