• Opulence

    I've been working my fingers and sewing machine to their nubs making a set of matching Persian and Viking robes for my partner, Eldgrimr, and me! I've just gotten down to the last bit of work to do on his Viking robe. He is out of town, so his will have to go on hold for over a week. Lacking the actual model to try the robe on, I put it on myself (as our measurements differ only slightly). The only word I can use to describe this robe is opulence. The vibrancy of the blue and gold colours scream opulence. The feel of the silk, opulence. There is no other word, except perhaps luscious!

  • Timeline

    The first Insulae Draconis Coronet Tourney is only three weeks away. I have put a lot of work into making this happen. So even though my sweetie and I are not participating in the Tournament, I want us to look our best to show how proud we are in this momentous step forward for our region. So in three short weeks, I want to accomplish the following:

    2 Blue Robes

  • Check one off the list

    Whew, I've finished the hoods for Thorvaldr and Fiona. My goal is to have these, a pair of robes (for Elgrimr and I), a sew of embroidered gloves and perhaps a headpiece done for Coronet in just a few weeks. If I complete 1 project per week, which is fairly reasonable for the robes but not as reasonable for the embroidery, it can be done! We'll see how that goes. For now I'm just so happy to have one this off the list! :)

  • Decadence in Weaving!

    The chimney was swept, hopefully with care, on Monday! Since then my partner has been plying his skills in firemaking! This has lead to many nights by the fire in the studio. I find it very relaxing to weave with the crackle of the fire place and his company. I've managedd to get half way through my colour gamp samplers, as well as getting some sewing, and planning done.

    So here are the fruits of my efforts:

  • Colour Gamp in Progress

    I have done the first round of blue stripes on my colour gamp. As with all new waving endeavors there were a few hiccups in the beginning stages. It's for this reason that I am eternally grateful to the wonderful folks who created and contribute to Ravelry and Weavolution. It was the great minds and Weavolution that hellped me sort out the issue I was having in getting nice sheds.

  • Warp on!

    Progress on the Colour Gamp, I've got the warp onto the front warp beam and all in the right order now! I still can't believe it took me so long to notice the red was out of place. Oh well. Nearly there now! In reality I'm over half way through the warping process. I'll likely roll it back onto the back beam tonight and do the front heddle this weekend!

    Not tomorrow though, I'm off to London. I'm hoping to sneak in a few moments at the V&A, though if I do I'll focus on the finding some knitted textiles to photograph for my knitter friends in the US!

  • Whew!

    Last night, after a few deep breaths I was able to get all the thread rolled onto the front beam. So now all the threads are in the right order and the proper width for my colour gamp shawl! I began tieing the threads onto the back beam this am, but still have a few groups to go this evening! after that it's just threading the front heddle, hopefully without error and weaving away!Before I start weaving this shawl I must finish at least one of the two baby blankets!

  • Colour Gamp Project

    This project was a learning experience from two perspectives, I will learn a lot about colour interaction from the finished gamp. I also learned a lot about weaving with 2 heddle and particularly weaving a 2/1 twill on 2 heddles.

  • I've got it!

    Thanks to YarninmyPocket and all those who helpd answer my questions on Weavolution and Raverly! I finally got my head wrapped around the 2/1 rigid heddle twill. Thank goodness I asked for help when I did. It only took me one evening to redo the first half of the stripes, plus I got another one too! So i've got 9 stripes through the back heddle. The front heddle should go even faster!

  • Rigid Heddle & Twill Questions

    I'm posting this every where I can in the hopes that someone more experienced than me will answer my questions. I've scoured my weaving books and the internet for how to create a 2/1 twill on 2 heddles. This is a simple 3 harness pattern, but every time I think I've got it down, I seem to just confuse myself. I should probably just jump in and finish warping my loom and see what happens, but I'm terrified of doing it wrong!

    I've got the basic concept down I need:

    a thread that goes through the back slot and the front hole