• 6 months of Projects

    OK I'm going to attempt to remember all the projects I've completed/started in the last six months!



    Purple Linen Dress
    Purple Linen Shawl
    Matching Blue Wool Silk Lined Robes

    Vicountess  Aerigunner's Neckline (right)
    Cuff's for Eldgrimr's Viking Tunic

    2/1 Lozenge Twill wool for Viking Hood, 1 section

    In Progress

  • Weaving Workshop in Ireland!

    Greeting everyone.

  • Now that's a loom!

    As I was researching Persian Drawlooms I came across this!

  • William Jefferies Tapestry Workshop!

    Well it's been a while since I've posted anything here. I've been busy with many other things. I did finally take some time out for weaving related things!
    I traveled to London to participate in a William Jefferies Tapestry Workshop hosted by the Handweavers Studio!
    This was a very exciting trip, because this was my first time taking a Jefferies workshop and my first visit to the new HWS locale!. The new shop space is fantastic. It's got most of the same great products we've come to expect from HWS, but in a more spacious and well lit environment.

  • Sense of Accomplishment

    I finally finished V's Blanket. At this point it's a toddler blanket, not a baby blanket, but it turned out so great that I think Mama and I will both agree that it was well worth the time. It's still not perfect, but I'm very proud of it.

  • Diamond Twill Hood

    Started this lovely diamond twill fabric, which will later be made into a hood for my partner, Eldgrimr. The threading isn't perfect and I need to comtemplate fixing the threading errors. I think fixing two of them would just mean rewarping a few threads, however the last one may mean rewarping about 30 or so threads. That one may stay as it's less noticeable than the others and threading errors are period! :)

  • Rigid Heddle Twills

    I've been working more with my Rigid Heddle looms these days. I've managed to work out how to weave twills using two heddles.

    It's pretty simple and very medieval. Rigid Heddles are amoun the earliest weaving implements found by archeologists. The technique goes back to the Ancient era. Twills are also found in very early time periods.

  • The wheels are turning

    As I wrap up the robe project. I've started on a matching hat (see previous post), that will be embroidered with gold vines and green leaves, as well as one gold crescent moon. The crescent moon is a symbol of our burgeoning Principality. I've also been letting the idea of a 7th Century Persian diadem, in silk and rich embroidery. I have decided to style this after the image below. The hat will mimic the look of the hair, without the top knot. The cloth bit will be about 3" tall with a band of gold silk embroidery encompassing green embroidered ivy.

  • 7th C Persian Hat

    Embroidery begun

  • Oppulence and Whew!!!

    Nearly done! I now have to patiently wait while the lining settles before putting on the finishing touches!