• Royal Artisan

    I am pleased to announce that at Drachenwald's Kingdom University, I was invested as Drachenwald's Royal Artisan. I obtained this new position by completing the yearlong Royal Artisan Competition. I would like to share my experience entering the competition with you.

  • Taquete sample!

  • AS 50 Challenge

    Although I don't post about it often, I am working on the AS 50 Challenge. If you are not in the SCA, next year marks the 50th anniversary/birthday of the Society. A challenge was issue many years ago for artisans to complete 50 projects, parameters of their choosing, by the 50th anniversary event. I challenged myself to weave 50 things. Today, I am taking stock of my progress.
    Here is a list of what I have woven since taking up the challenge.
    1.Belt for Magdalaina
  • Cloth Reflections

    I recently finsihed weaving 4 meters of commissioned cloth for a friend. Although she does intend to use it for re-enactment, she was not particularly concerned with an authentic weave structure. She had seen what I can only really describe as a tabard on a website and really liked the cloth, which was listed as jacquard. Over the course of many months, I drafted a cloth in a similar style, which resulted in an undulating point twill. I originally used 8 shafts,  then was able to take it to 4 shafts, which  Medieval weavers used.

  • Progress for the sake of accomplishment.

    As a working mother, I have to plan the time my son sleeps carefully. I spend every one of his waking minutes with him, unless I'm at work, there's an emergency, or a rare opportunity. Recently, I've been using GTasks to do this. But that's the boring big. My two main weaving goals right now are weaving the cloth bought by a friend and a research paper on cloth in Europe and the Middle East from the 1st to the 14th C.

  • Thoughts on Spinning

    Those of you who follow me elsewhere will know I spent about a month traveling around the US. I did quite a bit of spinning while traveling, because weaving just does not fit easily in an airline suitcase.

  • Whirling Thoughts

  • Weave Structures

    I am working on a research paper which discusses Medieval Textiles. I have a 13 page outline of notes prepared and am beginning to draft the paper. I believe I will be taking a post out of Tien Chu's blog and am considering blogging this paper. The intent of this method is to write longer items, papers/books, by working in chunks, or one blog post at a time. Assuming I continue in this manner, here is my first chunk, which is not at all the introduction to the paper. Please feel free to give me feedback by commenting on this post.

  • And here is my sweet little loom.

    Isn't she adorable?

  • Ohh Ebay!!!

    Ebay is a harsh mistress, a blessing and a curse. I should say I rarely visit Ebay or buy things there anymore.
    At a recent Cambridge Guild Meeting, a few members were discussing buying looms. One member pointed out that, in the UK, floor looms often go unsold and folks can make offers for them after the auction ends and thus get great deals! I think this is good advice for weavers loking for a floor loom.