AS 50 Challenge

I have decided to undertake the Arts & Sciences 50 Challenge! I will be taking part in the Depth Challenge. I am defining my challenge as 50 works in wool or linen. This will allow me to become extremely proficient in working with these two fibers. Most of my challenge items will be weaving, but a few embroidery items may creep in over time. The first item to be completed will be the 7th Century embroidered sleeve I am currently completing. Two other challenge items that I am working on are my first tapestry weaving project and the 10th C diamond twill wool cloth.Challenge Count 50, complete!<ol>1. Belt for Magdalaina2- 3. 2 sets or garters for Mistress Margaret de Sain Martin de la Mer4. -11. Tokens for ID Viceroy teachers completed12.-14. 3 Rigid Heddle Bands for Viceroy A&S Prizes- 2 lengths approximately 1.5 yards each. One will be cut up as tokens to be given by the populace. The longer, nicer band, will be given as the prize for the overall winner of the A&S Competition. The bands are approximately 1" wide. The piece that will stay in tact could be used, by the competition winner, as a head band, to trim some sleeves, or a bag, etc.The design is not based on any extant designs, but could have been created using a rigid heddle in the Middle Ages. The bands are woven in Shetland Wool from the Handweaver's Studio in London.15. Rigid Heddle Sample16. Tapestry Roundel Sample, woven in the William Jeffries workshop17. Green & Gold Straight Twill 3 yards18. Purple and Gold Horizontal Herringbone Shawl19-20. Purple and Gold bags for Drachenwald Gift Basket to Calontir21-22. Woven Cloth for Drachenwald Gift Bags Pennsic23 Cloth for Organizer of the Gift Basket Project24. Rigid Heddle Woven Bag for Salonge25. Double Weave Bag for Gift for Ashunpudle26-27. Herringbone Leg Wraps for Eldgrimr28. 1/2 Lozenge Twill Cloth for Eldgrimr's Hood29. Rigid Heddle Blanket for Siubhan30. Herringbone Hood for Eldgrimr 31. Herringbone Hood for me 32. Herringbone Hood for Thor 33. Herringbone Shawl 34-35. Warp faced bands for bags 

  • 36. Cloth for Delia's tabard37.-40. Damask samples41. Damask cloth for Margaret's bag42. Trim for Fibre Guild  banner project43. Cloth for Thor's tunic44. Twill block sample, Roman damask45. - 47. Weft faced samples48. Samitum sample49. Taquete sample50. Trim for ClancyOther planned projects:Double Weave Bag for EldgrimrDouble Weave Bag for MeWeave Persian sleeve cuffsSamitum SamplerWeave Apprentice beltDamask MoAS Sash