Lions and harpies

This brocade was listed as mesopotamia/Baghdad, late 11th-early 12th C. The brocade is a simlar overall design to earlier simittum cloths. Though the overall design is much more elaborate, it consists of roundels with beads, encirclion lines around another roundel wtih beads, which goes around two harpies. Where each rounel meets there is another roundel within a roundel design with Arabic script and a lotus blossom in the center. in the areas between rounels is another stunning design. This is a must see piece.

Brocaded Sphinexes

Attributed to late 11th-early 12th C Hispano-Moresque or BaghdadThis textile is now mostly a roundel shpaed, but was part of a larger cloth the roundel encirciling two spinxes facing each other is exquisite in and of itself! The decoration within the roundel is difficul to adequetelyl describe and is better viewed.

Peacock samitum

"On a rose-tan ground horizontal rows of roundels with confronted peacocks in green, rose-tan, and brown" inbetween these roundels are smaller roundels encasulating eight-pointed stars.

Elephant Tamer samitum

Thsi samitum is done in blue purple, green, organd and white silk. This is a ver Persian design with roundels encircling a cronwed person who is holding ithe turnks of two elephants, THere is a plamette scroll between the roundels.

Horses samitum

This fragmet was found in the shrine of St. Paul. They were removed and exhibited in 1896.This fragment measures 6 x 11 inches. It includes 2 full and one partial beaded roundel encompassing two horses facing each other with rounded encs. The roundels themselves measure 4.5". Between each set of four roundels appears a design of two birds facing each other.The design uses red, green, yellow and vilet. 

Peacocks and sphinxes taquete

This piece shows a new variation on the typical roundel style samitums of the earlier periods. Two peacocks face each other with tails raised. The shape of the peacock raised tails is followed by a curved line followed by two bands of script and another outline. between tehse designs are paris fo sphinxes.The piece measures 9" square and shows two full across repeats, two repeats vertically and one nearly complete repeat of the design.


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