William Jefferies Tapestry Workshop!

Well it's been a while since I've posted anything here. I've been busy with many other things. I did finally take some time out for weaving related things!
I traveled to London to participate in a William Jefferies Tapestry Workshop hosted by the Handweavers Studio!
This was a very exciting trip, because this was my first time taking a Jefferies workshop and my first visit to the new HWS locale!. The new shop space is fantastic. It's got most of the same great products we've come to expect from HWS, but in a more spacious and well lit environment.
The workshop was also everything I expected. William is a fantastic weaver and teacher. I went to the workshop hoping to learn how to weave a circular tapestry and to learn soumac, so I can begin to weave tapestries in the 7th C Persian style! I learned both these techniques and so much more.
William has a style of weaving that is very different to what I had learned so far. I learned how to more efficiently use my tapestry bobbins, how to effieciently work with several bobbins and a better way of ending and beginning with new threads! I was able to weave a roundel and incorporate soumac into the tapsetry.
I also learned so much about teaching weaving! William has a very organic style of teaching, which really lends itself to tapestry weaving. His teaching style is very much like tapestry weaving himself. He doesn't talk about what you're going to do. He demonstrates and gets you started on each step without bogging his students down with too much vocabulary or too many instructions all at once. He also doesn't have students work with cartoons right away.
This really threw me in the beginning, but by lunch time I realized this is an excellent way to get students tucked into their weaving and that once students are comfortable with what they're doing you can talk about cartoons, vocabulary etc.
This workshop has really improved my weaving and I think will prove to help me improve my own weaving teaching style.