Weaving Update

Wow! It has obviously been a long time since I blogged! That’s partially been because I’ve been so busy weaving! I have finished two samples for my Certificate of Achievement (photos to follow once they are wet finished). I’ve completed a plain weave sample and a colour and weave sample.

I also finished the plain weave, random stripes baby blanket for a friend.

This blanket was woven using the Harrisville Shetland Woold warped at 10 epi. I used Ask the Bellwether’s method of using playing cards to generate random stripes. I have to admit I initially misunderstood her directions and actually got rid of all the cards she discards. When I reread the instructions, I realized you just skip those cards. So my stripes may not be truly random, but I think they look great.
I have also finished warping my Glimakra loom and have begun weaving the Double Weave Sampler from Handwoven’s Nov. 2002 issue, a Double Weave Workshop in Your Studio! It took longer than it should have, because I had to figure out the tie up. To tie up all the treadling sequences for this prticular draft, I would need 16 treadles, and I only have 10. I think 16 treadles might stretch me a bit far anyway. After some trolling of th e internet and advice from Joanne Hall on Weavolution. I tied up the first sequence and have left the ties for the second sequence in place. Essentially before changing sections, I will have to change the tie up, which should only take about 5-10 mins .