Teaching on Weavolution!

I’ve started teaching classes on Weavolution! This is a great venue for teachers and students. Weavolution uses WebEx to allow teachers and students around the world, literally, to come together for weaving classes! I’ve joined a few classes and they have worked quit well! Anyone with an internet connection now has access to a myriad of classes via Weavolution. Weavolution costs nothing to join. The classes are on a fee basis, but are very reasonably priced, usually about $30/hour. My next class is Color and Weave.

Please consider taking my Color and Weave Class. This class is suitable for all weavers. You can use this technique on any loom capable of plain weave, such as rigid heddles, union looms, table looms, floor looms, even peg looms!

I will also be teaching a 5 part class to help people work through various sections of Ann Dixon's Handweaver's Pattern Directory. If you don't own that book, but do own the Marguerite Porter Davison book, that works too. Even if you don't own either book you can still take the class!