Taquete Todo!

Ok I admit, sometimes I blog to keep myself organized. Hopefully you have seen my damask samples and 13th C Alms Purse. Damask is woven in a drawloom, but is quite a bit later in period. So now my next adventure in drawloom weaving is taquete then samitum.
So here's where I'm at and where I'm going.
I've wound my warp and beamed it. I have added 4 drawcords to my drawbridge, yes that really is what it's called! I now have 14 pattern shafts.
Here's what I still need to do:
1) Put leveling cords on the drawcords and tie the loops on one side of the cords. (Completed 12 April)
2)Thread the loom. This will initially be threaded. 1, Pattern, 2, Pattern. (Completed 12 April)
3) Sley the reed and tie on.
4) Distribute pattern heddles onto 14 pattern shafts. I'll use the Becky Ashden's method for doing this.
5) Weave away!!!
Wish me luck!