Spinning Spring Cleaning

I've always knew I was a spinner. My mother bought a wheel at an Amish auction when I was 7 or 8. I loved treadling it. I spent hours a day just making it go.
For some reason I have resisted my inner spinner. But 5 years ago when I visited Gotland stopping at little farms looking at lammskins, my inner spinner asked a farm wife "Do you have any sheep hair that was cut off a live sheep?" She didn't speak English well enough to understand "Do you have fleece too?" 40 SEK later I had about 10 lbs of fleece. I gave much of this away, but thanks to my friend Constanza, Abbey Franquemont, and the Spin Doctor, I'm just about ready to spin up what I have left.
I tried cleaning it using the Fermented Suint Method recommended by Constanza. And thanks to the Spin Doctor and Amazon my storage is going from tubs under the counter to duvets bags in the cabinets!