Sampling Procedures

  1. Fill out Record Sheet from the start! Record:
    1. Warp Yarn size, brand, and color.
    2. Sett
    3. Length Warped
    4. Width Warped
    5. Width in Reed
    6. Draft
  2. Sample 2" each of each possible weft colour, weave at least 2 samples, or plan to cut the sample into 3-4 pieces. This will allow you to also sample finishing techniques.
  3. Sample at a finer sett, just to see if the drape is better for the end product. 
  4. Sample at a looser sett, again to see how this effects the drape of the final cloth.
  5. Sample different treadling orders than you originally planned. Remember there are 75 sheds on a 4 shaft loom! See my upcoming Cyber Fiber Class on
  6. Finally, wet finish your samples, I do this as they come off the loom for more instant gratification! :) I wet finish with just boiling hot water and an eco detergent, another with boiling hot water and low agitation, in the washer on high heat on the delicate cycle, and if I'm really feeling bold on a full cycle hot temperature. I drink a lot of tea while wet finishing, more on wet finishing specially later. :)