Ohh Ebay!!!

Ebay is a harsh mistress, a blessing and a curse. I should say I rarely visit Ebay or buy things there anymore.
At a recent Cambridge Guild Meeting, a few members were discussing buying looms. One member pointed out that, in the UK, floor looms often go unsold and folks can make offers for them after the auction ends and thus get great deals! I think this is good advice for weavers loking for a floor loom.
This was not my experience! I already have a 60" Glimakra Standard, but I wanted a smaller floor loom for another room in the house. So I went looking. I made an offer on a loom bigger than I was looking for, the offer was turned down, no big deal.
Then I saw it!!! A Glimakra Ideal...there were already bids. So I knew if I wanted it, I had to bid. 3 days out it was still less expensive than most used table looms. So I bid and waited, and waited. For 2 days I was the highest bidder. This increased my longing for the loom. With an hour left the bidding fever hit me! I had to have it. Needless to say, I bid more than I initially said I would. I did win the loom and it was still a complete steal. They stopped selling the Ideal in Europe this summer, so you can't buy them new here anymore. My total cost was a fraction of the original retail price.
Oliver kindly drove all the way to the Southern coast to pick it up. A 9 hour day for him. He was rewarded with a big thank you and fish and chips for dinner!
The end result, I have a lovely loom, beautiful bench, several more reeds, temples, and more shuttles than I could ever use. Many of them stick shuttles, which I will sell on to someone who will use them, but not via Ebay.
Ebay, I love you, but you won't see me back for awhile!!!