Now that's a loom!

As I was researching Persian Drawlooms I came across this!


Cases containing live silkworms underscore the humble origin of silk – the cocoons of Bombyx mori, the domesticated silk moth.  Behind these cases towers a replica of a Tang-era draw-loom, created for the exhibit by the China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou.  Its dimensions are impressive; nine-and-one-half feet high and seventeen feet long.  And yet it still wouldn’t quite measure up to the original loom after which it was modeled, which is twenty percent larger.  A silk-weaving expert accompanied the deconstructed loom to New York and assembled it in the gallery.  As a final touch, a bolt of partially woven cloth was attached, serving as a permanent work-in-progress.  Visitors can only imagine the time and effort involved in creating such intricate material.

" Twist Collective

Now I often times get the mick taken out of me for all my looms, but even if you took all my looms together, they're nothing compared to this beauty! This is my kind of loom. People try to talk me into a vertical loom, but if I ever have a medieval loom, it's definitely going to be a draw loom!