Fibre Interest Group Banner Project

For those who don't know HL Isabella Maria came to me a few years ago with a wonderful idea for the Insulae Draconis fibre artists! Her idea was for us to design a banner which would commemorate Fayre Raglan, one of the Principality's most loved events and sites, and would also allow a variety of people to participate in the project and show a variety of fibre arts.I agreed to organize the project and was lucky enough to find Lady Agatha and Lord Kit, who agreed to work together on a design.Agatha and Kit came up with a wonderful design. The centre panel will be made of a scene depicting Raglan Castle and the many activities that occur throughout the Farye, such as cooks working at a bread oven, fencing, battles, tents, etc. These designs were based on (INSERT INFORMATIOn HERE). This panel will have a tablet woven border that separates it from the heraldry of each Shire in the Principality. The corners of the woven border are quarter suns in spelndour, to represent the Principality. Another tablet woven band will surround these embroidered slips as well.The slips that will comprise the centre panel have been given out to individual embroiders who reside in the Principality. Each Shire's device has been entrusted to a member of each Shire. We hope that every member of the shire will take a turn putting a few stitches in the group's heraldry. Shires were provided with wool to use in embroidering their heraldry. and were asked to use outline and chain stitch so these slips are consistent with one another. The embroiderers of the centre slips have provided their own embroidery materials, but were provided with cloth to use, to keep the slips approximately the same weight. These embroiderers are choosing the techniques they think suit their slip best.The group has made very good progress. Duchess Fiona, Mistress Mary, and Lady Edith has returned some lovely centre slips. Fiona and Edith have even volunteered to do a second slip! Thus far, I know Flintheath and Klakavirki are complete. Lady Catherine weaver has provided many meters fo tablet woven bands to trim the banner as well. One of the nicest things about this project have been hosting times at Raglan for people to work on the project. The first year, when everything was just beginning a number of people from outside the Principality showed up and asked if they could help! It is great to see from the very beginning that this project is inspiring to others. Since we have made good progress thus far and we will beginning sewing the finished pieces onto the banner soon. If you would like to help out in any way, please do contact me.