Commitment to Certificate of Achievement

Many of you will know that I took some weaving tuition with Melanie Venes a few months back. You probably also know that I was working on my PhD in Education. Well as happens with many candidates, I've lost my passion for pursuing my PhD! I'm actually not that sad about it, my goal used to be to eventually teach others how to teach. Since then I've had several experiences with student teachers and mentoring younger teachers, the truth of the matter is teaching is not something you can really teach! There are lots of theories out there and let's face it academics tend to lose touch with reality. I'm willing to continue working with my colleagues and mentoring new teachers, but my passion lies elsewhere now.

I've committed to use my new found time and funds to my livelong passion, weaving. The UK Guild of Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers offers a self study program that ends with the Certificate of Achievement. This program provides me with a conducive outline of study, the exact details of which are left to me! I've studied the outline and think that with the exception of weaves that did not exist in Medieval times, this seems much like what I think Medieval apprentices would work through during their time striving to become a Master Weaver. Upon completion of this course of study, I should be well prepared to teach all the Medieval weaves and some modern ones as well.  When I'm ready to retire from my real job, perhaps I can give back to the community by offering to others what Melanie has offered to me, some well founded instruction on weaving!

So wish me luck in my new journey, which comes only with intrinsic rewards, no fancy title, no pay increase, just the knowledge the I gain along the way!