Certificate of Achievement Update

I am still diligently pursuing my UKWSD Certificate of Achievement. I as of yet have not completed any samples. However, I have learned how to do all facets of Double Weave with Melanie, my tutor! When working with Melanie on double weave she pointed out that I can maximize my warps by weaving several structures on one warp! This should really help me complete the CoA on time. I'm still shooting for 5 years, but would be pleased if I could do it in less!
I also discovered that Handweavers has started a degree program, which I may also pursue when they take their next enrollment. I have not yet decided if I'm going to finish my PhD or not. I'm feeling much more committed to my weaving education than anything else. I am preparing to warp up some cloth, which should count towards my CoA and then I will also put on my Double Weave Warp, which will count for several CoA samples!
So wish me luck,