AS 50 Challenge

Although I don't post about it often, I am working on the AS 50 Challenge. If you are not in the SCA, next year marks the 50th anniversary/birthday of the Society. A challenge was issue many years ago for artisans to complete 50 projects, parameters of their choosing, by the 50th anniversary event. I challenged myself to weave 50 things. Today, I am taking stock of my progress.Here is a list of what I have woven since taking up the challenge.1.Belt for Magdalaina2- 3. Lattice work garters for Comtesse Margarette de St. Martin-sur-le-Mer (2)4. -11. Tokens for ID Viceroy teachers 7 completed12.-14. 3 Rigid Heddle Bands for Viceroy A&S Prizes- 2 lengths approximately 1.5 yards each. One will be cut up as tokens to be given by the populace. The longer, nicer band, will be given as the prize for the overall winner of the A&amp;S Competition. The bands are approximately 1" wide. The piece that will stay in tact could be used, by the competition winner, as a head band, to trim some sleeves, or a bag, etc.The design is not based on any extant designs, but could have been created using a rigid heddle in the Middle Ages. The bands are woven in Shetland Wool from the Handweaver's Studio in London.15. Rigid Heddle Sampler this sample has been important for choosing colour combinations in future projects. Sampling is an important part of professional level weaving and likely was a large part of an apprentice weaver's day.16. Tapestry Roundel Sample, woven in the William Jeffries workshop, this was good prep for a project I still have planned.17. Green & Gold Straight Twill 3 yards<18. Purple and Gold Horizontal Herringbone Shawl19-20. Purple and Gold bags for Drachenwald Gift Basket to Calontir year?21-22. Woven Cloth for Drachenwald Gift Bags Pennsic year?23 Cloth for Organizer of the Gift Basket Project, thus was a personal gift.24. Rigid Heddle Woven Bag for Salonge in houndstooth25. Double Weave Bag for Gift for Ashunpudle26-27. Herringbone Leg Wraps for Eldgrimr28. 1/2 Lozenge Twill Cloth for Eldgrimr's Hood, yellow and red hood29. Rigid Heddle Blanket for Siubhan30. Herringbone Hood for Eldgrimr31. Herringbone Hood for me32. Herringbone Hood for Thor33. Herringbone Shawl34-35. Warp faced bands for bags36. Damask Sample of clovers, possible gift for Sir Clancy37. Damask woven pouch for Mistress Margaret de Mey38. Cloth for Delia, which we made into a rahter nice tabard. She has enough left to make into a nice script as well.Weaving Tasks39. Taquete sample for research paper40.Samitum samlle for paper/portfolio41. Cloth for Eldgrimr I'm currently on this project! :)42. Cloth for Thor43. Cloth for me44. Weave Apprentice belt, possible green on green damask45-46. Damask MoAS Sashes for Kingdom and Principality47. Woven headband48. Tablet woven band for ID Fibre Interest Group Banner49. Knight's belt for Halvgrimr50. Woven thank you gifts for impromptu thank yous.Wow only 12 projects left and 10 months to go. We'll see how much work, business, and life gets in the way! I have definitely woven well over 50 yards or meters since starting the challenge. I took the challenge to motivate me to weave more. I think this objective has been achieved. I hope I can fulfill my goal by the deadline, but either way I am a better weaver than when I started! :)